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  1. Jorge Bustamante Award Statement

    Jorge Bustamante Award Statement  

    Dr. Bustamante’s lifetime contributions in research, teaching and service in the field of international migration and human rights exemplify the very best of the Cox-Johnson-Frazier tradition.

  2. Rutledge M. Dennis Award Statement

    Rutledge M. Dennis Award Statement

    Professor Rutledge Dennis is the 2006 recipient of the ASA’s DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award. His contributions in scholarship, teaching and service exemplify the very best of the DuBois-Johnson-Frazier tradition. He is an exceptional teacher who has engaged in rigorous social research that culminated in prodigious purposeful scholarship that framed the nature and scope of his community activism.

  3. Troy Duster Award Statement

    Troy Duster Award Statement

  4. Elijah Anderson - Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award

    Elijah Anderson - Award Statement

  5. James Loewen Award Statement

    James  W. Loewen - Award Statement

  6. Cora Marrett Award Statement

    Cora Marrett Award Statement

    Charles Johnson, Oliver Cox, and E. Franklin Frazier were African American sociologists who, in their scholarship and advocacy, used the discipline to enhance the status of African Americans in the face of the nation’s historic racism. The award is for a lifetime of research, teaching, and service to the community in the tradition of these namesakes.  This year’s awardee, Dr. Cora Bagley Marrett, exemplifies this tradition. 

  7. John Moland, Jr. Award Statement

    John Moland, Jr. Award Statement

    This award, which honors the intellectual traditions of W.E.B. DuBois, Charles S. Johnson, and E. Franklin Frazier, is given annually for either a lifetime of research, teaching, and service to the community, or to an academic institution for its work in assisting the development of scholarly efforts in this tradition. The distinguished recipient of this year’s DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award is Professor John Moland, Jr.

  8. Aldon Morris Award Statement

    Aldon Morris Award Statement

  9. Richard O. Hope

    Richard O.Hope

    The scholars, for whom this award is named, were pioneers in our field, great teachers and activists. Like them, Richard Oliver Hope is a visionary and trailblazer with a distinguished career that is dotted with achievement "firsts." He has had a hand in transforming how race is dealt with in the U.S. military, diversifying the racial and ethnic representativeness of the U. S. Foreign Service, and opening pathways for scholars of color and women in the academy.