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  1. Retirement Network Advisory Board


    Chair: Harry Perlstadt (Michigan State University)
    Secretary/Treasurer: Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld (Arizona State University)

  2. Retirement Network Annual Meeting Activities


    2019 Annual Meeting
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    2018 Annual Meeting
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    2017 Annual Meeting
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    2016 Annual Meeting
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  3. About the ASA Retirement Network

    The Beginning

    The idea for ASA-ORN began with a conversation between Rosalyn Benjamin Darling and Natalie Sokoloff that led to a session at the Eastern Sociological Society meetings in 2009. The success of "ESSORN" led members Roz Darling and Peter Stein to propose the creation of a national ORN, and an exploratory gathering was held at the 2013 ASA annual meeting. After that meeting, four retired sociologists living in Chapel Hill, NC (Roz, Peter, Jon Darling, and Tuck Green) submitted a proposal to ASA to formalize the group.

  4. Retirement Network Bylaws

    ASA Retirement Network (ASARN)

    Official Bylaws
    June 2019

    ARTICLE I:  Organization

    The name of the organization shall be American Sociological Association Retirement Network (ASARN).

    ARTICLE II:  Purposes

    The Retirement Network exists to:

  5. Publications by Retirement Network Members

    ORN Member Publications Directory 2017-2018

  6. Retirement Resources pulls all your financial accounts into one place with powerful encryption security. Set a budget, track your goals and do more with your money, for free!

    The CoRI Retirement Index:  Provides a daily measure of how much annual income your current savings could generate beginning at age 65. The tool is deigned to be used by people age 55 - 64, the age group upon which this index is based.

  7. Retirement Network Listserv

    The listserv was launched in April and is open to all members of ASA-ORN and other interested ASA members. (However, one may opt out of participation in the listserv and still remain an ASA-ORN member.)

    So far, the list has generated lively discussions and has connected many folks with old friends and former students, professors, and colleagues. Several interest groups have emerged from these discussions, including one led by Art Shostak on research about retirement communities.

  8. Call for Papers: Special Issue of JHSB

    Journal of Health and Social Behavior invites manuscripts for a special issue on “Medical Sociology: Findings, Challenges, and Future Directions” to be edited by Amy Burdette, Michael McFarland, Miles Taylor, and Miranda Waggoner.

  9. Reconsidering Student Evaluations of Teaching

    Washington, DC:  A formal statement issued by the American Sociological Association (, and endorsed by 17 other scholarly associations, describes the current use of student evaluations of teaching as “problematic” and identifies ways to use student feedback appropriately as one part of holistic assessment of teaching effectiveness in institutions of higher education.