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  1. Section on Emotions Past Award Recipients

    The Section on the Sociology of Emotions' Graduate Student Paper Award

    2019: Carley Geiss, University of South Florida, “Connecting Practical Doings to Cultural Meanings: Exploring the Work of Moral Mediators in Human Service Organizations”

    2018: Amanda Barrett Cox, "Correcting Behaviors and Policing Emotions: How Behavioral Infraction Become Feeling-Rule Violations," Symbolic Interaction 39(3):484-503. 2016.

  2. Section on Human Rights Award Recipients

    The Section on Sociology of Human Rights' Best Graduate Student Paper Award

    2019: Andrew P. Davis, "Middle Status Conformity in the World Polity: Global Institutional Embeddedness and Sexual Violence in Civil Conflict" 

    2019 Honorable Mention: Ioana Sendroiu, "Human Rights as Uncertain Performance during the Arab Spring"

    2018: Saskia Nauenberg Dunkell, "Decoupling Transitional Justice: Selective Approaches for Addressing Human Rights Abuses in Colombia”

  3. Section on the Sociology of Law Award Recipients

    The Section on the Sociology of Law's Career Award

    2006: Red Schwartz, Brown University


    The Section on the Sociology of Law's Distinguished Article Award

    2019: Spencer Headworth, “Getting to Know You:  Welfare Fraud Investigation and the Appropriation of Social Ties,” American Sociological Review 84(1):171-196. 2019.

  4. Population Section Awards Recipients History

    Award for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship in Population

    2019: Alexandra Killewald and Brielle Bryan, “Falling Behind: The Role of Inter- and Intragenerational Processes in Widening Racial and Ethnic Wealth Gaps through Early and Middle Adulthood,” Social Forces 97(2):705-740. 2018.

    2019 Honorable Mention: Eliza Brown and Mary Patrick, “Time, Anticipation, and the Life Course: Egg Freezing as Temporarily Disentangling Romance and Reproduction,” American Sociological Review 83(5):959-982. 2018.

  5. The Section on Sociology of Religion Award Recipients

    The Section on Sociology of Religion's Distinguished Article Award

    2019: Brian Powell, Landon Schnabel, and Lauren Apgar, "Denial of service to same-sex and interracial couples: Evidence from a national survey experiment," Science Advances 3(12). 2017.

    2019 Honorable Mention: Paul Joosse, "Max Weber’s Disciples: Theorizing the Charismatic Aristocracy," Sociological Theory 35(4):334-358. 2017.

  6. Sex and Gender Recipients History

    The Section on the Sociology of Sex and Gender's Distinguished Article Award

    (Award established in 1998)

    2019: Natasha Quadlin, Ohio State University, "The Mark of a Woman’s Record: Gender and academic performance in hiring," American Sociological Review 83(2):331-360. 2018.

    2018: Angela Frederick, "Risky Mothers and the Normalcy Project: Women with Disabilities Negotiate Scientific Motherhood," Gender & Society 31(1):74-95. 2017. 

  7. Teaching and Learning Section Awards Recipients History

    The Section on Teaching and Learning in Sociology Section’s Carla B. Howery Award for Developing Teacher-Scholars

    2018: Edward Kain, Southwestern University

    2017: Mindy Stombler, Georgia State University

    2016: Mary Nell Trautner, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

    2015: Helen A. Moore, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

    2012: Michael Schwartz, State University of New York, Stony Brook

  8. Theory Section Awards Recipients History

    The Theory Section's Edward Shils- James Coleman Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper

    Award established in 1996.

    2019: Amanda Cheong, Princeton University, “Legal Omission as Political Strategy: Motivations for and Consequences of Deliberate Contractions of the State's Administrative Power” 

    2019: Neil Gong, University of California, Los Angeles, “That Proves You Mad, Because You Know it Not: Impaired Insight and the Dilemma of Governing Psychiatry Patients as Legal Subjects,” Theory and Society 46(3):201-228. 2017. 

  9. Section Membership Data

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