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  1. Mailing List Rentals

    Direct mailing, directly to your audienceGold letter slot on a blue door.

    Mailing lists available from the ASA include Association members by interest, member journal subscribers, and subscribed sections.

  2. Journal Advertising

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    2016 ASA journal covers

  3. Preconferences

    All Preconferences are held on Friday, August 9. Registration is required and seats are limited. If you have already registered for the Annual Meeting and would like to add a course, return to the ASA membership portal, log in, and select 2019 Annual Meeting Registration in the Annual Meeting section.

  4. Positions Advertised in the ASA Job Bank in 2018

    This report analyzes the position advertisements in the ASA Job Bank in 2018. 

  5. Footnotes 2018

    Volume 46, Number 1

    • Philadelphia Pioneered Worldwide Criminal Justice Systems
    • Recipients of the 2018 ASA Awards
    • Almost Half a Million High School Students Enroll in Sociology Courses Each Year
    • A Year of ASA Advocacy Activities
    • A Tribute to Neil Smelser, 88th President of the American Sociological Association
    • ASA Holds Successful High School Sociology Symposium at NCSS 2017
    • 2018 ASA Annual Meeting Tours in Philadel
  6. Footnotes 2019

    Volume 47, Number 1

    • Recipients of 2019 ASA Awards: Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award (Sandra Barnes); Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology (Eric Wanner); Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award (William Frey); Distinguished Scholarly Book Award (Nichole Gonzalez Van Cleve for Crook County: Racism and Injustice in America's Largest Criminal Court); Excellence in the Reporting of Social Issues Award (Eric Deggans, NPR); Jessie Bernard Award
  7. Industry, Firm, Job Title: The Layered Nature of Early-Career Advantage for Graduates of Elite Private Universities

    Using concepts associated with effectively maintained inequality theory and horizontal stratification, the authors ask whether the private-public dividing line is a “threshold of consequence” for early-career market entry. To address this empirically, the authors use a novel LinkedIn data set to analyze job pathways for the graduating class of 2016 from the top 25 private and top 25 public universities in the United States.

  8. Why Are Women Penalized in Product Markets?

    Previous research using data from eBay found that women receive lower prices than men when selling the exact same products. The current project explores why this gender gap obtains and why some products have larger gender price gaps than others. To answer these questions, we exploit the variation in the gender price gap across products found in the earlier eBay data together with new survey data on the perceptions people have about seemingly male-typed and female-typed products and about people’s uncertainty about the prices of products.

  9. Footnotes Archive (PDF)

    Many back issues of Footnotes are available as PDF files. Not all issues have been digitized, but many have been. For a fully searchable text index of article titles from Footnotes (and its 1972 precursor, The American Sociologist) see the PDF. To search by keyword, issue date, or article title, use CTRL+F. Each issue is linked to the online version of that issue. To see articles from a specific year, select one of the links below.


  10. Average Salary for Full-Time Sociology Faculty Members in Four-Year Colleges and Universities, by Rank (Constant Dollars)

    Note: Data for 2012-13 do not include full-time non-tenure-track faculty members; data for new assistant professors for 2013-14 onward also do not include full-time non-tenure-track faculty members.