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  1. ACLS Celebrates its Centennial Annual Meeting

    Anniversaries are special occasions. They are moments for organizations to think about origins, accomplishments, and the future. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS). 

  2. Thank You, ASA Members!

    ASA acknowledges the generous support of the following individuals, whose recent financial contributions (through December 31, 2018) to the Association have strengthened our discipline.

  3. Congratulations to Our New Minority Fellows! Announcing MFP Cohort 46

    ASA is pleased to introduce the five new scholars who comprise MFP Cohort 46. these talented PhD candidates with strong and diverse sociological research interests were chosen from a highly competitive pool of applicants. The Fellows will officially begin their participation on August 1, 2019.

  4. Melamed and Vuolo Named the New Editors of Sociological Methodology

    This summer, editorship of Sociological Methodology transitions to Ohio State University (OSU) into the capable hands of two dynamic young associate professors there, David Melamed and Michael Vuolo. They are the 16th editorial team since the journal began in 1969, and the third duo. Their collaboration began early – both came to OSU as the first generation of a new interdisciplinary group (the Translational Data Analytics Institute) that puts them in touch with leading methodologists across fields.

  5. Bystander Intervention Prevention Strategies as a Solution to Addressing Sexual Harassment and Assault

    As the #MeToo Movement has propelled the problem of sexual harassment and assault to the media headlines, bystander intervention prevention strategies are often cited as a solution to addressing these problems. Sometimes called a “community of responsibility” approach, bystander intervention strategies teach organizational members to know they can and should take an active role in creating a safe and respectful environment by shifting community norms and behavior expectations. 

  6. Positions Advertised in the ASA Job Bank in 2018

    This report analyzes the position advertisements in the ASA Job Bank in 2018. 

  7. Task Force on Contingent Faculty Employment in Sociology Report Gets Strong Support from Council

    In early 2016, ASA Council appointed a task force “to explore the dynamics and implications of the recent growth of contingent employment among sociologists in the context of the broader structural transformations now underway in U.S. universities and in comparison to other disciplines.” And in March 2019, Council approved the final report from the Task Force on Contingent Faculty The task force was co-chaired by the late Dan Clawson and Louis Edgar Esparza, and included members Marisa Allison, Celeste Atkins, Michael Burawoy, Jay R.

  8. 2019 ASA Award Recipients

    The ASA will present the 2019 awards at this year’s Annual Meeting in New York City on August 11. Congratulations to all of our distinguished winners.

    W.E.B. Du Bois Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award