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    Faculty are at the heart of the discipline of sociology. ASA offers resources and programs to support pedagogical success for faculty and teachers across the full range of institutional locations.

  2. Sexual Harassment Training: Promises, Pitfalls, and Future Directions

    Policy training is a popular tool for sexual harassment prevention because it is a simple and relatively affordable way to demonstrate symbolic com-pliance with antidiscrimination law. With the rise in national attention to sexual harassment, it's important to review what we know about the effec-tiveness of training. On the positive side, training can broaden people's knowledge and definitions of sexual harassment (Antecol and Cobb-Clark 2003), and communicate the seriousness with which an organization takes the issue.

  3. Can Anti-Harassment Programs Reduce Sexual Harassment?

    Do workplace sexual harassment programs help? We have now given training and grievance procedures a good two decades to work—most companies had them by 1998 when the Supreme Court endorsed them — and they don’t appear to have helped much. Surveys using probability samples showed that about 40 percent of women circa 1980 faced specific forms of “unwanted sexual attention” or “sexual coercion” at work, and recent surveys find similar rates (EEOC 2016). Workplaces with high gender equity are better, but they remain rare.

  4. Student Forum Travel Awards

    Deadline: April 1st

    About the Student Forum

  5. Honors Program

    The Honors Program provides undergraduate sociology students a rich introduction to the professional life of the discipline. Once admitted, these exceptional students come together for four days and experience all facets of the ASA Annual Meeting. By participating, Honors Program students develop long-lasting networks with other sociologists while their sponsoring departments get to “showcase” their most outstanding majors. 

    At the 2020 ASA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Honors Program students will:

  6. Section Membership Data

    ASA continously tracks the number of members in its sections. Section membership changes on a daily basis as more members join throughout the year. Click here for current section membership counts as of September 20th, 2019. Below are the final counts as of the last day of the membership year, September 30.  

  7. Section Award Nomination Calls

    Many of the American Sociological Associations' Sections grant awards each year to recognize achievements in their respective areas of academic interest.

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