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  1. Theory Section Awards Recipients History

    The Theory Section's Edward Shils- James Coleman Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper

    Award established in 1996.

    2019: Amanda Cheong, Princeton University, “Legal Omission as Political Strategy: Motivations for and Consequences of Deliberate Contractions of the State's Administrative Power” 

    2019: Neil Gong, University of California, Los Angeles, “That Proves You Mad, Because You Know it Not: Impaired Insight and the Dilemma of Governing Psychiatry Patients as Legal Subjects,” Theory and Society 46(3):201-228. 2017. 

  2. Section on Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology Past Award Recipients

    The Section on Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology's Award for Public Sociology

    Prior to 2008 this award was for teaching or the design of a computer application.

    2019: Joseph Cohen, City University of New York, Queens College

    2018: Jeffrey C. Goldfarb, The New School for Social Research

    2017: Mike Stern, Washington State University

    2016: Eszter Hargittai, Northwestern University

    2015: Jessie Daniels, City University of New York

  3. Crime, Law and Deviance Section Awards Recipients History

    The Section on Crime, Law, and Deviance's Albert J. Reiss, Jr. Distinguished Scholarship Award

    Renamed the Albert Reiss Award in 1996; previously presented as the Distinguished Scholar Award. The award is presented every other year for a book or a series of articles.

    2019: Issa Kohler-Hausmann, Yale University, Misdemeanorland: Criminal Courts and Social Control in the Age of Broken Windows. Princeton University Press. 2018.

  4. Political Economy of the World System past awards recipients

    The Section on Political Economy of the World-System's Distinguished Career Award (given occasionally)

    2009: Giovanni Arrighi, Johns Hopkins University

    2003: Immanuel Wallerstein, Yale University

    1999: Janet Abu-Lughod, New School for Social Research

    1997: Andre Gunder Frank, University of Toronto

  5. Section on the Sociology of Mental Health Past Award Recipients

    Leonard I. Pearlin Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Sociological Study of Mental Health

    2019: Robin W. Simon, Wake Forest University

    2018: Scott Schieman, University of Toronto

    2017: David Williams, Harvard University

    2016: Debra Umberson, University of Texas at Austin

    2015: David Takeuchi, Boston College

    2014: Jane McLeod, Indiana University

    2013: Linda K. George, Duke University

  6. Section on the Soicology of Sexualities Award Recipients

    The Section on the Sociology of Sexualities' Best Graduate Student Paper Award

    2019: Niina Vuolajarvi, Rutgers University, “Governing in the Name of Caring—the Nordic Model of Prostitution and its Punitive Consequences for Migrants Who Sell Sex”

    2018: Emma Mishel, New York University, "Discrimination against Queer Women in the U.S. Workforce: A Résumé Audit Study"

    2017: Jody Ahlm, “Respectable Promiscuity: Digital Cruising in an Era of Queer Liberalism,” Sexualities 20(3):364-379. 2017. 

  7. Section Membership Data

    ASA continously tracks the number of members in its sections. Section membership changes on a daily basis as more members join throughout the year. Click here for current section membership counts as of August 19th, 2019. Below are the final counts as of the last day of the membership year, September 30.