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Section on the Sociology of Law Award Recipients

The Section on the Sociology of Law's Career Award

2006: Red Schwartz, Brown University


The Section on the Sociology of Law's Distinguished Article Award

2019: Spencer Headworth, “Getting to Know You:  Welfare Fraud Investigation and the Appropriation of Social Ties,” American Sociological Review 84(1):171-196. 2019.

2019 Honorable Mention: Valerie Jenness and Kitty Calavita, “‘It Depends on the Outcome’: Prisoners, Grievances, and Perceptions of Justice” Law and Society Review 52(1):41-72. 2018.

2018: Sarah Brayne, "Big Data Surveillance: The Case of Policing," American Sociological Review 82(5):977-1008. 2017.

2018 Honorable Mention: Joscha Legewie, "Racial Profiling and Use of Force in Police Stops," American Journal of Sociology 122(2):379-424. 2016.

2017: Armando Lara-Millán and Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve, "Interorganizational Utility of Welfare Stigma in the Criminal Justice System,” Criminology 55(1):59-84. 2017.

2016: Elizabeth Chiarello, "The War on Drugs Comes to the Pharmacy Counter: Frontline Work in the Shadow of Discrepant Institutional Logics," Law & Social Inquiry 40(1):86-122. 2015.

2015: Kathryne M. Young, Stanford University, “Everyone Knows the Game: Legitimacy and Legal Consciousness in the Hawaiian Cockfight.” Law and Society Review 48(3):499-530. 2014.

2014: Michael C. Campbell and Heather Schoenfeld, "The Transformation of America’s Penal Order: A Historicized Political Sociology of Punishment,” American Journal of Sociology 118(5):1375-1423. 2013.

2013: Kitty Calavita and Valerie Jenness, University of California, Irvine, “Inside the Pyramid of Disputes: Naming Problems and Filing Grievances in California Prisons,” Social Problems 60(1):50-80. 2013.

2011: Calvin Morrill, University of California, Berkeley, Lauren Edelman, University of California, Berkeley, Karolyn Tyson, University of North Carolina, Richard Arum, New York University, "Legal Mobilization in Schools: The Paradox of Rights and Race Among Youth," Law & Society Review 44(3-4):651-693.

2009: Ryan King, "Conservatism, Institutionalism, and the Social Control of Intergroup Conflict," American Journal of Sociology 113(5):1351-1393. 2008.

2007: Ryken Grattet and Valerie Jenness, “The Reconstitution of Law in Social Settings: Agency Discretion, Ambiguity, and a Surplus of Law in the Policing of Hate Crime,” Law and Society Review 39(4):893-942. 2005.

2005: Patricia Ewick and Susan Silbey, Clark University, “Narrating Social Structure: Stories of Resistance to Legal Authority,” American Journal of Sociology 108(6):1328-72. 2003.

2005: Nicholas Pedriana and Robin Stryker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “The Strength of a Weak Agency: Enforcement of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Expansion of State Capacity, 1965-1971,” American Journal of Sociology 110(3):709-760. 2004.

2005 Honorable Mention: Becky Petit, Louisiana State University, and Bruce Western, University of Minnesota, “Mass Imprisonment and the Life Course”Race and Class Inequality in U.S. Incarceration,” American Sociological Review 69(2):151-169. 2004.

2003: Richard O. Lempert, David L. Chambers, and Terry K. Adams, National Science Foundation, "Michigan's Minority Graduates in Practice: The River Runs Through Law School" Law & Social Inquiry 25(2):395-505.

2001: Mary Vogel, University of California, Santa Barbara, “The Social Origins of Plea Bargaining: Conflict and the Law in the Process of State Formation, 1830-1860,” Law & Society Review 33(1):161-246. 1999.

1999: Kitty Calavita, University of California, Irvine, “Immigration, Law, and Marginalization in a Global Economy: Notes from Spain,” Law & Society Review 32(3):529-566. 1998.


The Section on the Sociology of Law's Distinguished Book Award

2019: Amada Armenta, Protect, Serve, and Deport: The Rise of Policing as Immigration Enforcement. University of California Press. 2017.

2018: Ya-Wen Lie, The Contentious Public Sphere: Law, Media, and Authoritarian Rule in China. Princeton University Press. 2017.

2018 Honorable Mentions: Ellen Berrey, Robert Nelson, and Laura Beth Neilson, Rights on Trial: How Workplace Discrimination Law Perpetuates Inequality. University of Chicago Press. 2017.

2018 Honorable Mentions: Forrest Stuart, Down, Out, and Under Arrest: Policing and Everyday Life in Skid Row. University of Chicago Press. 2017.

2017: Lauren Edelman, Working Law: Courts, Corporations, and Symbolic Civil Rights. University of Chicago Press. 2016.

2016: Ellen Berrey, The Enigma of Diversity: The Language of Race and the Limits of Racial Justice. University of Chicago Press. 2015.

2016: Lauren Rivera, Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs. Princeton University Press. 2015.

2015: Lynette J. Chua, National University of Singapore, Mobilizing Gay Singapore: Rights and Resistance in an Authoritarian State. Temple University Press. 2014.

2014: Michele Dauber, Stanford University, The Sympathetic State: Disaster Relief and the Origins of the American Welfare State. University of Chicago Press. 2013.

2013: Ruth Horowitz, New York University, In the Public Interest: Medical Licensing and the Disciplinary Process. Rutgers University Press. 2013.

2012: Katherine C. Kellogg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan, Challenging Operations: Medical Reform and Resistance in Surgery. University of Chicago Press. 2011.

2010: Terence C. Halliday and Bruce G. Carruthers, American Bar Foundation and Northwestern University, Bankrupt: Global Lawmaking and Systemic Financial Crisis. Stanford University Press. 2009.

2010: Kwai Hang Ng, University of California, San Diego, The Common Law in Two Voices: Language, Law and the Post-Colonial Predicament in Hong Kong. Stanford University Press. 2009.

2008: Jonathon Simon, Governing Through Crime: How the War on Crime Transformed American Democracy and Created a Culture of Fear. Oxford University Press. 2007.

2006: Shai J. Lavi, The Modern Art of Dying: A History of Euthanasia in the United States. Princeton University Press. 2005.

2004: Susan Shapiro, American Bar Foundation, Tangled Loyalties: Conflict of Interest in the Legal Profession. University of Michigan Press. 2002.

2004: David T. Johnson, The Japanese Way of Justice: Prosecuting Crime in Japan. Oxford University Press. 2002.

2002: John Braithwaite and Peter Drahos, Global Business Regulation. Cambridge University Press. 2000.

2000: Robert Nelson and William Bridges, Northwestern University and University of Illinois, Chicago, Legalizing Gender Inequality: Courts, Markets, and Unequal Pay for Women in the United States. Cambridge University Press. 1999.

1998: Bryant Garth and Yves Dezalay, International Commercial Arbitration and the Construction of a Transnational Legal Order. University of Chicago Press. 1996.

1997: Donald Black, University of Virginia, "The Epistemology of Pure Sociology," Law & Social Inquiry 20(4):829-870. 1995.

1997: Arthur Stinchcombe, Northwestern University, "Lustration as a Problem of the Social Basis of Constitutionalism," Law & Social Inquiry 20(1):245-273. 1995.

1996: Ronen Shamir, Tel Aviv University, Managing Legal Uncertainty: Elite Lawyers in the New Deal. Duke University Press. 1995.

1994: Donald Black, Virginia Polytechnic, The Social Structure of Right and Wrong. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 1993.

1994: Jonathan Simon, University of Miami, Poor Discipline: Parole & the Social Control of the Underclass, 1890-1990. University of Chicago Press. 1993.


The Section on the Sociology of Law's Graduate Student Paper Prize

2019: Celene Reynolds, Yale University, "The Diffusion of Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaints throughout U.S. Colleges and Universities"

2018: Deisy Del Real, “Toxic Ties: The Reproduction of Legal Violence within Mixed-Status Intimate Partners, Relatives, and Friends”

2018 Honorable Mention: Margo Moinester, “Beyond the Border and into the Heartland: Spatial Patterning of U.S. Immigration Detention," Demography 55(3):1147-1193. 2018.

2018 Honorable Mention: Jamie Morse, "Legal Mobilization in Medicine: Nurses, Rape Kits, and the Emergence of Forensic Nursing in the United States since the 1970s”

2017: Katherine Eva Maich, "Perpetuating the Past, Perpetuating the Present: Labor Rights and Colonial Fantasies of the Peruvian Home" 

2016: Sarah Brayne, "Stratified Surveillance: Policing in the Age of Big Data"

2016: Nate Ela, "Litigation Dilemmas: Lessons from Marcos Human Rights Class Action" Law & Social Inquiry 42(2):479-508. 2017.

2015: Monica C. Bell, Harvard University, “From Legal Cynicism to Situational Trust”

2014: Ke Li, University of Indiana, “What He Did Was Lawful': Divorce Litigation and Gender Inequality in Contemporary China,” Law & Policy 37(3):153-179. 2015.

2013: Trevor Hoppe, University of Michigan, “Controlling Sex in the Name of Public Health: Social Control and the Michigan HIV Law” Social Problems 60(1):27-49. 2013.

2012: Scott Leon Washington, Princeton University, “Crossing the Line: A Quantitative History of Anti-Miscegenation Legislation in the United States, 1662-2000”

2011: Shauhin Talesh, University of California, Berkeley, “How Organizations Shape the Meaning of the Law: A Comparative Analysis of Dispute Resolution Structures and Consumer Lemon Laws”

2010: Nicole Martorano Van Cleve, Northwestern University, “Reinterpreting the Zealous Advocate: Multiple Intermediary Roles of the Criminal Defense Attorney”

2010: Kathryne M. Young, Stanford University, “Rights Consciousness in Criminal Procedure: A Theoretical and Empirical Inquiry,” Pp. 67-95 in Access to Justice (Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance, Volume 12). Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 2009.

2009: Lauren A. Rivera, Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University, “Cultural Reproduction in the Labor Market: Homophily in Job Interviews”

2008: Shauhin Talesh, University of California, Berkeley, “The Legislature, ‘Lemons,’ Legal Endogeneity: How Manufacturers Force Consumers to ‘Holster’ Consumer Warranty Protection Law ‘Weapons’”

2007: Leisy Abrego, University of California, Los Angeles, “Legitimacy, Social Identity, and the Mobilization of Law: The Effects of Assembly Bill 540 on Undocumented Students in California,” Law & Social Inquiry 33(3):709-734. 2008.

2006: Mary Nell Trautner, University of Arizona, “Liability v. Likeability: How Personal Injury Lawyers Screen Cases in an Era of Tort Reform”

2005: Gabrielle Ferrales, Northwestern University, “Domestic Violence Crime Control Policy and Practice: Implications for Arguments Concerning Penal Theory”

2004: Michael Sauder and Ryon Lancaster, Northwestern University, “Law School Rankings and Admissions: The Effects of the Redefinition of a Status Hierarchy”

2002: Devah Pager, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “The Mark of a Criminal Record,” American Journal of Sociology 108(5):937-975. 2003.

2001: Gary Gray, University of North Carolina, “A Socio-Legal Ethnography of the Right to Refuse Dangerous Work,” Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 24:133-169. 2002.

2000: Myrna Dawson and Ronit Donovitzer, University of Toronto, “The Decision to Prosecute in Cases of Domestic Violence: Assessing the Role of Victim Cooperation”

2000: Jonathan Charles Dunten, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Avoiding Star Wars: Struggles Between National Sovereignty and International Cooperation in Outer Space Law”

1999: Michelle Manasse, Franklin and Marshall College, “The Organizational Process Leading to Successful Juvenile Corrections, 1986-1999”

1999: Annette Neirobisz, University of Toronto, “Wrongful Dismissal Litigation in an Era of Economies on Judicial Decisions”

1998: Stacy Burns, University of California, Los Angeles, “Think your Blackest Thoughts and Darken Them: Worst Light Depictions, Predictions and Evaluations in Judicial Mediation of Large Money Damage Disputes”

1997: Brian Gran, Northwestern University, “A Bugaboo for Social Policy: The Influence of Legal Systems on Public Pension Development”

1997: Megan Morgan, Flinders University of South Australia, “'Battered Woman Syndrome’: Women’s Experiences, Expert Evidence, and Legal Discourse”

1996: Scott Phillips, Louisiana State University, "The Institutionalization of Judicial Decision Making: A Temporal and Rhetorical Analysis of the Development of Hate Crime Laws"


The Section on the Sociology of Law's Peterson-Krivo Mentoring Award

2014: Christopher Uggen, University of Minnesota

2012: John Hagan, American Bar Foundation and Northwestern University

The Section on the Sociology of Law's Undergraduate Student Paper Award

2019: Joseph Buttino, SUNY Buffalo, “Perceptions of Delinquency Among College Students and Non-Students” 

2018: Rachel Schuster, “Individual Mobilization of Disability Rights”

2017: Neharika Goyal, "Incentivizing Social Innovation: The Role of Intellectual Property Protections in Social Ventures” 

2016: Austin Jenkins, “The False Dichotomy: Therapy and Punishment for Addicts in Minnesota”

2015: Laily Sheybani, Northwestern University, “‘That’s Him, Officer!’ (Or Is It?): The Effects of Unarticulated Instructions on Eyewitness Accuracy in Culprit Recognition”

2014: Daniel J. McCarthy, Rhode Island College, “Understanding the Determinants of U.S. District Court Judges’ Decisions on PATRIOT Act Cases”

2013: Mary Pheng, Macalester College, "The Bureaucratic Savior: How Human Service Professionals Allocate Rights to Noncitizens”

2012: Cathy Wang, University of California, Berkeley, “The Effect of Work-Family Policy Design and Culture on Women’s Employment Outcomes and Men’s User Rates”

2010: Kathryn Green, Brown University, “Legal Pluralism and Sexual Violence in the Democratic Repub  lic of the Congo”

2009: Hope Harvey, Carleton College, “In Pursuit of Integration: Jefferson County, Kentucky”

2008: Andre Bagoo, King’s College in London, “The Law Of Albion: Arendt, Rights-Talk and Critical Race Theory”

2007: Ashley DeMinck, Macalester College, “The Origins of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions: South Africa, Sierra Leone, and Peru”

2006: Elizabeth Sylvester, Carleton College, “A Study of Judicial Rhetoric on Wrongful Dismissal and Sexual Harassment”

2005: Roxanne Moreno, Carleton College, “Immutable Identities? Gender in the Asylum and Immigration Process”

2004: David Kovacs, Boston University, “Tough Choices: A Sociological Analysis of Prosecutorial Decisions in Antitrust Cases"

2002: Yen P. Nguyen, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Creating Computer Crime Units”

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